Monday, August 31, 2015

Switchboard Sessions, Volume Four

This will be the Switchboard Sessions's last post. Thank you.

When I started this project three and a half years ago, it began because I felt an overwhelming desire to both support musicians and contribute to the conversation about music. At that time, I hadn't a clue what I was signing up for; if you had told twenty-something that I would be interviewing some of my life's most influential musicians (along with some new ones that would get me equally excited), I would not have believed you.

And, if you had told 16 year old me that I would be talking to Tony SlyBrendan Kelly, and Joey Cape, or members of Samiam, the Promise Ring, and Small Brown Bike, I think he would have puked right then and there.

Since my first Switchboard Session, I have moved twice (and purchased a house), received tenure at the school I work at, started graduate school, and ushered a little boy into the world. My life has become pretty busy. I'm putting the Switchboard Sessions to bed because something had to give, and organizing, conducting, editing, and writing these sessions took a substantial amount of time.

Along the way, I've made a lot of friends, which is weird because I never thought a website possessed that potential. I've also discovered life-changing bands--the sort whose songs circle in my head while I sleep and slog through work. I'm thankful for the new friends and new music I've stumbled upon along this journey.

Below, you will find the concise Switchboard Sessions, Volume Four, consisting of tracks from the last seven Switchboard Sessions, which were among the most powerful and best sounding. These final seven sessions will remain online indefinitely, however please contact me if you'd like a song that was recorded in 2010, 2011, or 2012.

Thank you to every musician, label, publicist, fellow blogger, and friend who supported me during this endeavor. Thank you especially to my wife Emily who encouraged me to take the risk of recording musicians over the phone and continue when it became occasionally overwhelming. And, finally, to anyone who ever enjoyed one of these sessions.

That nagging desire to support musicians and contribute to music still exists. It just may need to express itself in a new form...

1. “Wear That Crown” by By Surprise
2. “New Old" by Restorations
3. “Hourglass" by Small Brown Bike
4. “Mary" by Placeholder
5. “Good Thoughts" by Aspiga
6. “Next Five Minutes" by Plow United
7. “Losing" by the Exquisites

And don't forget to enjoy the other Switchboard Sessions compilations...